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Venkat reddy

J. Venkat Reddy, B.Pharm, MBA

Chairman’s Desk

It is a matter of privilege for me to introduce Our Group of institutions as one of the best institutions which strives for Youth Empowerment and Gender Equality. Today’s world is a fast evolving and is in need of sustained development. It is always believed that today’s youth can build a better tomorrow and contribute more than their fair share towards the development of their families, society and the nation.

In order to help the youth, achieve the above in their life, we have instituted methods to empower and equip them with knowledge, skills and aspirations to become role models in whichever task they take up. Over a span of 12 years, our Institutions have gained name and fame as the one that inspires young talent to courageously move forward and achieve their ambitions. The methodology adopted is to educate the students about the world around, job market and the requirements to march ahead.

The next step is to orient them towards the job market conditions and mould them to suit the corporate world. The final step is to upgrade their skills as per needs of the job markets. I say it with great pride and satisfaction that we have been able to surpass the expectations and stand as a pathfinder to others who wish to follow its goals.

Vice Chairman

As a woman who has a Doctorate in Chemistry at a very young age and as one of those fortunate people who won the Women Entrepreneur award from – ILDC-AMP Excellence awards 2019, understand the importance of right education. I would first like to congratulate you on having selected one of the best Institutions to build a strong base for your career.

You have just embarked on a journey of innovation and revelation that is as much about you as it is about the larger world that you dwell in. Our Institutions serve as the fulcrum of the Teacher-Learner interface, the hub of all academic transactions, and eventually the touchstone of a learner’s competence level.

The promotion of creativity is the new role of education. It is only through creative thinking that the present and future problems can be addressed to find dynamic solutions. Our students are given ample opportunities for creativity. We believe in creating leaders of tomorrow, leaders in various fields. We give all our students the confidence to pursue their passions and train them in accordance.

We believe that leadership is not just developing the requisite skills to build a career out of your passion, but an attitude which we imbibe in our students that reflects in various spheres.

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Dr. Mounika Reddy M.Sc, Ph.D. (OU)